Cino Fresh

Cino Fresh is no rookie to rocking crowds and showing versatility with high energy dominating by growing his fan base rapidly. With past releases, Cino Fresh always stood out by his crafty delivery and cross bred style of a smooth laid back “Trill” flow but also displaying an energetic burst to balance out.

cino-freshCrossing paths in a pseudo dramatic matter Philly Blocks and Cino Fresh in 2009 were both nominated for the Rookie of The Year category before they merged brands of Fresh Off and Team 563 in 2012. Since the merge relocated to Indianapolis,IN for a brief stint, in the process Cino Fresh and E-Weez released “Distant Relatives” which was well received over the Mid-West region.

Now Cino Fresh plans to spark up Fresh Off Music Group with his next step into entrepreneurship. In the words of Cino “It’s ShakeLife Baby”.

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